Wire EDM
CNC Machining
Tolerances to +/-0.0002

Wire EDM, Maximum Accuracy for Metal Cutting
Where the accuracy is concerned, come to the Wire electrical discharge machining. The cutting-edge EDM machining has incredible advantages than conventional processes, unattented in 24/7, low failure and low maintance. WEDM can hugely cut down the unit costs while ensuring outstanding accuracy and cutting efficiency.
EXZELLENC workshop is armed with different sizes SODICK Wire cut EDM to meet the customer need with specific requirements on accuracy and lead time

How Works Wire Cut EDM Machining

Wire EDM is a cutting process that works on the principle of spark erosion. In wire cutting edm process the material of workpiece will be removed due to the a series of rapidly discharges between metalic wire, which runs in precisely programmed path. The cutting process is contactless between wire and workpiece, which ensure the machining without generating the distortion of cutting path.
During the wire cutting the workpiece and wire are working in the dielectric liquid. When the wire valtage rapidly rise to a certain voltage,it will discharge the spark to melt a small motion of workpiece, then rapidly cooling by liquid.
It can be used to cut the metal parts and hard materials like toolilng steel. To save the cutting time it is essential to setup the right speed and optimal program path unter required accuracy.

Wire Cut EDM Applications

Automotive Components

Wire EDM enable to cut the hard steel and fragile materials using the contactless electrical discharge, this eliminate extra post processing that cause additional costs. CAM experienced machinists programm reliable and optimal cutting path ensuring the throughout at its peek.

Medical Components

All the medical components need to be made withou any burrs, oil, chips to avoid serious medical malpractice. Medical customers wourld like to choose the wire cutting methode to achieve high precision parts, which may keep away foreign objects and burrs.


In the aerospace the requirements on the component accuracy are extremely high. This is because even a slight error may bring disastrous risk. Compared to general EDM process the Wire EDM can minimze the risk and improve the perfomance.

Precision Mold

In the past few years more and more wire edm are used to make the plastic mold and stamping die. Due to the requirement on the durable mold life and achieve largest output, selecting wire edm to make the mold core can create better mechanical perfomance and drive down the complete cost.

Gallery of Wire EDM Machined Parts

EXZELLENC provides total complete soution for CNC machining with first-class quality and faster lead-time. With our deeply know-how and rich project experience our team can handle any issues occuring in the manufacturing. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need a instant quote, you will get the satisfy results.
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In EXZELLENC workshop our clients are available to make high precision parts using SODICK wire cut machines with multi sizes from 400mm to 800mm. Whether for prototype making or big bulk production our skilled machanists are committing to making every product as well as they can.

Available Metal Materials
for CNC Machined Parts


High machinability, easily machined and formed with excellent corrosion.
Aluminum 6061 | AL-5083 | AL-6061-T6 | AL-6082 | AL-6063 | AL-7075 | Aluminum 7050 | Aluminum 6082

Alloys Steel

Available for integration with various elements to enhance the perfomance. corrosion and temperature resistant
Alloy steel 1.7225 | Alloy Steel 4140 | Alloy steel 1.7131 | Alloy steel 1215

Stainless Steel

Highly durable and stiffness, temperature resistant and outstanding weldability
Stainless Steel 303 | Stainless Steel 304 | Stainless Steel 316 | Stainless Steel 17-4 | Stainless Steel 420 | Stainless Steel 430

Tool Steel

Abrasion resistant, hardness and toughness, wear resistance,.
Tool steel D2 | Tool Steel NAK80 | Tool Steel P20 | Tool steel A3 | Tool Steel S45C | Tool steel S7 | Tool steel H13

Mild steel

High impact strength and tensile strength, excellent ductility and weldability, malleability with cold-forming possibilities
Steel C45| Mild Steel 1018 | Mild steel 1018 | Mild Steel 12L14 | Steel S355J2 | Mild steel A36 | Steel S235JR


Malleability and formability, low friction, excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance
Brass C360


High ductility and conductivity, high heat conductivity, good machinability.
Copper 110 | Copper C101


High strength but low density, corrosion resistance, used for aerospace and medical industries.
Titanium Grade 5 | Titanium Grade 1
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