Industrial and mold tooling is a general process to produce high volument products for plastic and metal parts. To ensure the precision and mold life in the production, the mold parts and core components will be machined and checked, using metal additive manufacturing or cnc prototyping model.

Conformal Cooling using Metal 3D Printing

In the production process of injection molding and die-casting, shortening the manufacturing cycle and maintaining stability are key factors for reducing costs. Selective laser melten SLM technology can build the complex insert parts that cannot be achieved by CNC machining which improve the design freedom.
Using the conformal cooling channel is the main application in this area, which can greatly shorten the mold cooling time, reduce the mold pressure and extend the mold life cycle. The specifications of metal 3D printing can bring huge benefits to manufacturers in terms of delivery time, quality and productivity.

Custom mold core & spare parts

If you don't have sufficient capacity to make your mold, the outsourcing is the good idea. We take over the machining such as molde core and spare parts, which will be finished in short time with inspection report.
Modern mold manufacturing requires the use of CNC machining processes that combine precision with high efficiency. All the machining precesses should be well-regulared. Exzellenc provides abundant capacity to implement the pre-planed work.

Metal AM in indutrial cooling

Conformal Cooling: The conformal cooling is a water channel with complex and irregular shapes designed according to the structure of the product. Its purpose is to promote temperature uniformity and achieve rapid and uniform cooling of the mold. The conformal cooling solution unsing metal additive has bigger advantage than traditional methods, which can print the complex geometric shapes.

Injection Molding:The improvement of the cooling system of injection molding is the main research direction of this industry. The characteristic of the injection molding process is cyclic. Filling, molding, cooling and ejecting are the main steps of the injection molding process. Among them, the cooling link is a key factor that affects shortening the molding cycle and improving production efficiency. The conformal waterway of 3D manufacturing provides a new solution.

Die Casting and Fixture:Metal printing can also used i the industries of die-casting and fixture, making the high-complex components with short prodution time.

Injection Molding

Injection molding is an common method to produce massive volumen of plastic parts in industry. It has the biggest advantage that cut down the unit part price. Before going to proction the molding tool should be correct manufactured using CNC machining. For high accurate mold parts like inserts that mostly maked by wire EDM process to ensure the tolerance.

Stamping Die

The Stamping die, also known as pressing, is a method to create metal parts in different shapes or profiles. It is a cool forming process to cut and shape the metal utilizing single die or multiple dies to gain the desired geometry. CNC machining has the advantage to make the die in effective way, and guarantee the accuracy under computer control machining system.
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