Unlike the production of other products, the manufacturing of medical device and components does not allow the little error, which can lead to irreversible medical accidents, even directly threaten people lives. The new technology of SLM additive manufacturing and CNC machining sind expected as the best solution for creating the precise metal parts.

medical devices require precision

In many cases the medical components must be made with extremly high accuracy to meet the small intended size, which may use to implant into human body. Therefore, the small parts should be machined under strictly quality control.
The 5-axis CNC machining is expecially recommendated for complex medical parts, which make a guarantee for the accuracy. It's flexible rotary platform allow one-time forming without extra works to reduce the risk of tolerance.

SLM printing for healthcare

Selective laser melting SLM technology is the forefront of the medical industry. It is an ideal production technology that can integrate functions into medical equipment components. 3D additive manufacturing is known for its efficiency and accuracy. He fully combines the personalized customization capabilities of additive manufacturing with the differentiation of patients. Metal 3D additvie accelerates greatly the production of healthcare products, artificial prostheses and artificial tissues and organs.
Whether you want to produce one or more, through SLM printing technology, you can quickly obtain economical and effective, while satisfying highly customized medical products.

SLM metal printing in medical application

Orthopedic implants: 3D printing can print parts with high precision, complex shapes and structures. Doctors can use 3D printing to customize fully-fitting parts for patients. For example, if a patient has a bone necrosis and needs to be replaced, the doctor can scan a specific part of the patient before the replacement, and then print out a completely anastomosing substitute for precise implantation.

Rehabilitation Equipment:To use rehabilitation equipment to perform rehabilitation training for patients after surgery, it is necessary to obtain patient-related lesion data, and then use 3D instruments to scan the patient data, that is, it is possible to manufacture rehabilitation equipment with high complexity and high fit for the patient.

Surgical Tools & Instruments

It is recommended adopting the CNC machining to create the surgical tools and instruments in low volumen production. For some customized medical parts CNC process is most economical. Moreover, the medical tools must be machined with awareness of high precision and keep top level of cleanness.

Some Materials of Medical Devices

The commonly used materials in the medical industry is stainless steels, titanium alloys and some particularly surgical steel like AlSl 316L.
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