Now, is the right time to produce the jewelry and fashion accessories made of metal utilizing the metal 3D printing with innovative 3D metal materials.

Go metal printing for jewelry

With the development of metal 3D printing technology, many jewelry manufacturers are transitioning from resin 3D printing and wax mold manufacturing to metal additive manufacturing. We don't like mediocre jewelry anymore , but want to have unique customized fashion jewelry. That's why metal additive printing has become the trend of customized jewelry manufacturing in the future.
Exzellenc SLM platforms provide the best solution for the custom jewelry making with high precision and smooth surface. Excellent performance, diversified precious metal material selection, present perfectly your designin a short time.

Benefits of metal 3D printing for jewelry

Unimagined Freedom of Design: Nowadays, jewelry designers have achieved free design through 3D modeling, and basically anything imaginable can be designed on the computer.3D printing allows you to freely design and produce small-scale complex geometric shapes abstract shapes or interlocking structures.

Reach The New Level of Quality:Professional metal additive printing can achieve high-quality jewelry manufacturin. This is because the layer thickness of metal additive can reach as little as 0.020mm or even lower. Smooth surface quality and excellent detail processing make metal 3D printing to be a trend.

Creative Noble Metal:Metal additive printing provides an amazing solution to create small, high-precision and complex jewelry shapes and a variety of finishes. Commonly used noble metal materials, such as gold, silver, platinum, brass and bronze. In addition, other innovative materials can also be added. After printing, it presents a beautiful appearance through finishing and electroplating. Electroplating can prevent parts from being oxidized and give brightness, which is particularly important in the jewelry manufacturing.

Innovation-driven gives us endless posibilities to change the future of manufacturing.
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