Constantly changing, technology-driven are the typical features of consumer goods industry. Every change will bring new difference in our lives. To meet growing market demands, enterprises should develop new products in fast way.

Metal printing gives more chances

It is obvious that metal 3D printing will accelerate the development and production of consumer goods. Product designer is allowed to test the design and gain the feedback from market utilizing the low-volumen production, that made by metal printing.
Modern mold manufacturing requires the use of CNC machining processes that combine precision with high efficiency. All the machining precesses should be well-regulared. Exzellenc provides abundant capacity to implement the pre-planed work.

CNC Prototype for Consumer Products

In order to speed up the development of new products, it is necessary to utilize 3D printing or CNC rapid prototype to verify technical data before mass production, which can eliminate unforeseen difficulties encountered in the production process and reduce developing cycle.
Most products in consumer electronics are made of plastic and metal, and CNC machining can produce relatively precise and reliable parts. Although mass production can be achieved through plastic molds or stamping dies, high-precision and reliable products may not be guaranteed in practice. In addition, for small parts, the turn-milling machine is used to manufacture for large quantities, which can cut down the whole production cost, meanwhile obtaining relatively reliable quality.

Metal AM in industrial tooling

Design Freely: Unlike to traditional process, metal additive manufacturing gives designer much more freedom to shape the form they want, even it is complex geometric shape, which you cannot not imagin that in the past few years. This will shorten the developing cycle to market by creating the products using metal printing.

Light Weight: Metal 3D printing is additive methode which means the materials can be save to achieve the complex shapes, of cause reduse the costs. Product designer have more opportunities to improve the product structure during the trial production stage.

Innovation-driven gives us endless posibilities to change the future of manufacturing.
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