Metal additive manufacturing is the best solution to make the customized dentures,brackets and crowns according to each patient, which make the metal 3D printing to be the ealy field in medical application.

Dental 3D metal printing

The implantation of dentures is a completely customized process, which must be made according to the oral cavity of different patients, as well as looks natural and beautiful. Ideally, they can remain permanently. Bridges, crowns and model making is a total complex and expensive processes.
Compared with conventional casting process, metal AM can make metal teeth more faster without impurities. It is also more accurate than CNC subtractive processing with high degree of customization, reducing the waste, and can consistently print high-quality dentures.

Benefits of metal 3D printing for dental

Higher Quality: The traditional tooth casting method is a laborious process, requiring many steps and the cooperation of technicians. Due to the characteristics of the technology, the restoration produced by casting contains unevenness and inclusions, and the use of metal 3D printing can perfectly avoid these defects.

Biocompatible Metals:Any surgical implant must conform to the biological characteristics of the human body. Therefore, material compatibility is of essential element. At present, metal 3D printing materials are mainly cobalt-chromium alloys and titanium alloys. Dental bridges, dentures and crowns are usually made of cobalt-chromium alloys, and screw dental implants are usually made of titanium. The use of cobalt-chromium alloys, because this surface will withstand continuous force to reduce the wear of the tooth structure.

Reducing Scrap:Metal 3D printing belongs to additive manufacturing, which can avoid material waste caused by CNC machining and reduce unnecessary material costs. After printing, the smooth surface quality can be achieved as long as the post-processing is performed.

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