Automotive industry is now going to the new era with the enormous growth of electronmobile, this brings new challenge also oppertunities in future. Automatic CNC manufacturing and metal 3D printing technologies accelerate automobile industry and make it more efficient with costeffective.

CNC Machining in automotive

As the CNC machining is getting more and more smart and effective. Wheather it's simple parts or complex components, CNC process make it easily and smoothly. Nowaday, the automotive components require high perfomance in application, to achieve that cnc machining make automotive parts with stable quality and durable.
At Exzellenc, we have massive experience in producing cnc automotive parts, such as gearbox, drive axle and lighting system.

3D metal printing for automotive prototyping

Additive manufacturing allows for rapid functional prototyping of complex automotive components and the creation of on-demand tooling - increasing design flexibility, shortening product development timelines, and streamlining production.
The technology also enables new business models and supply chains based on localized production, digital warehouses and the on-demand production of both custom components and spare parts.

Metal AM Automotive

Exzellenc has achieved innovative development in the technology of metal additive printing through cooperation with many universities and research institutes, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which has been rapidly applied to the development of industrial products.

How to accelerate the research and development of auto parts in the shortest time, cost optimization and performance testing are the most concerned issues for engineers. Now, through metal 3D printing auto parts, engineers can greatly reduce the long development time, thus shortening the time to market.

Metal additive printing technology can also make the production line more flexible. With the optimization of the design, printing is carried out, and a small amount of finished products are tested, without the need to modify the production line, which greatly saves costs. Manufacturers do not need to spend time and money waiting for the complicated manufacturing process of third-party suppliers. Low-yield and accurate metal 3D printing can meet the production needs of the research and development stage.

Rapid Prototype

In order to verify the compoenent and avoid any changes in the production stage, rapid prototype plays a main role in automotive projects. Prototype is always the effective and practical way, even the widely use of 3D printing in this branch. CNC process plays an irreplaceable method for the components which need high precision and post surface finishing, or even need assembly.

Automotive Parts Made by CNC Machining

Exzellenc offers first-class automative parts commonly used in traditional and new energical automobile,
- Gearbox
- Interior and Roof Panels
- Cylinder heads
- Drive Axles
- Custom parts
Innovation-driven gives us endless posibilities to change the future of manufacturing.
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