Metal Additive Manufacturing
for Conformal Cooling

Metal 3D Printing for Conformal Cooling

What is Conformal Cooling in Injection Molding

In the injection molding process, especially in-mold molding, how to reduce part cooling time is the key to improving production speed and part quality. However, when the structure of the part is more complex and the depth is deeper, it will bring great difficulties to the design of the cooling channel. Using the traditional CNC machining method to generate the conformal cooling channel, the most difficult thing is that it is impossible to create a curved cooling channel at all. The generation process is not only time-consuming, but also extremely expensive, and the service life of the cooling water channel is not long.
However, the advancement of SLM additive manufacturing brings new oppertunities and new approach to solve this tough task. The biggest feature of additive manufacturing is that it can print parts with extremely complex structures layer by layer. In this way, the metal printed conformal cooling channel flows along the geometry of the part, which can hugely improve the cooling efficiency and shorten the production cycle by 15% - 35%, even more. The cooling efficiency can be better control and evaluated by the conformal cooling channel by the fluid mechanics software.

Benefits of Conformal Cooling Using Metal 3D Printing


Cost Reduction

Due to the shorter cooling, the produtivity is huge promoted to cut down the overall cost.

Higher Quality

Fast cooling gives even temperature distribution, which boost the product quality with less warpage.

Higher produtivity

The whole produtivity could be push up to 30% even more since the fast heat dis.


Reducing the residual stress on parts to get higher geometric and dimensional stability of the product.


Metal AM allows creating of highly complex geometries and internal structures in conformal cooling.


Since metal printed conformal cooling does not need to be maintained frequently, the maintenance cost is reduced.
Conformal cooling manufacturing with our SLM printing machines
Thanks to Exzellenc's practices in the SLM additive manufacturing, we have already a fast, accurate and cost-effective solution, which allow our customers to produce tool inserts with highly complex conformal cooling channels.
At Exzellenc we have 2 sets of 280 * 280 SLM AM machines to implement our printing work. With the help of 3DXpert simulation our engineers can design and optimize the form of conformal cooling channel. We ensure our customer with high quality conformal cooling with simulating the cooling efficiency and then making the insert parts with our SLM prainting machines.

Differences of
Conventional Cooling and 3D Printed Conformal Cooling

Conventional Cooling

  • poor surface quality,
  • Poor dimensional accuracy,
  • Longer production cycle
  • Needing frequent maintenance
  • High cost and more waste,

Conformal Cooling

  • Better surface quality and less warpage
  • Highly increase produtivity
  • Uniform temperature distribution
  • High performance mechanical feature
  • Extended maintenance intervals
  • Hugely cost reduction
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Conformal Cooling Design & SLM Printing Service

Conformal cooling is a good idea used in injection molding to ensure consistent temperature distribution, shorten cooling times, and enhance the quality of plastic molded parts. However, since their complex shape and heat transmission, designing and producing ideal cooling channels is a huge challenge. The secret to optimising the conformal cooling is understanding how to employ SLM metal additive printing technology and CAE fluid mechanics modelling. Exzellenc's experts will provide our customers with a high-efficiency conformal cooling solution that increases produtivity by 30%.
Unlike the conventional conformal cooling, Exzellenc uses SLM metal printing to implement the design job. Our software engineers adopt a 3D simulation software that conforms to the SLM printing, and can carry out reasonable channel design to optimize the structure. After successful simulation of cooling channels, then come to the SLM printing. During the whole process, we will strictly follow the customer's requirements for the product, predict the unfavorable factors in the production process, and integrate all these factors into the overall design solution to manufacture highly efficient conformal cooling stystem.
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Why Exzellenc for Your Metal 3D Printing Service

Why Exzellenc for Your Metal 3D Printing Service


Exzellenc works with research institutes, specializing on the selective laser melten SLM since 2018, with KNOW-HOW of metal additive manufacturing and metal powder technologies.
Why Exzellenc for Your Metal 3D Printing Service


Exzellenc's in metal AM team are composed of university professors and professional technicians, from research into industrial applications, accelorate the metal AM industry.
Why Exzellenc for Your Metal 3D Printing Service


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