5-Axis CNC Machining for complex work
Unlike 3-axis cnc machine with X, Y and Z directions, the five axes CNC milling has two additional axes A and B. That means machinests are enable to control the workpiece in every direction they want.
Processing a metal part, which has highly complex form, is a unserviceable and inefficient work for usual machining. That's why you need 5-axis milling process to achieve your parts in shorten time and minimal costs. EXZELLENC experts will give our clients the exellent machining solution under consideration of cost-effective.

Benefits of 5-Axis CNC Machining

Compelex Shape

The additional axes enable you to create parts with complex geometry and design. There is no need to make extra fixture to hold the workpiece, which is necessary in previous machining methode. With 5-axis machining it's much easier to hold the part once and rotate the platform in every angle to get your final part.

Simple Setup

5-axis machining allows to mill the parts in every surface unless the holding area. Unlike 3-axis processing with several setups to turn to disired surface, 5-axis just need single setup until all be done.

Fast to Market

Undoubtedly, 5-axis milling is the best-in-breed to achieve the complex part because of its high efficieny and cost effective than other processings. You can boost throughput and cash flow in shorten time.

High Accuracy

Without multiple changes in different workstations which is the big issue for stable accuracy, 5-axis allows from start to end in one station. This will ensure the part with highly accurate milling.

Excellent finish

Using the shorter cutting tool to get closer to the workpiese will make better surface finishing, due to the less influence of vibration in high-speed manufacturing.

Why Choose EXZELLENC for Your Complex Machining

EXZELLENC is not just making the high precision parts, we are full solution provider, especially when making high precision and complex components, our experts will design a feasible plan according to demanding requirements in advance. Our 5-axis machines are available for our worldwide clients to achieve what they need.

Available Metal Materials
for CNC Machined Parts


High machinability, easily machined and formed with excellent corrosion.
Aluminum 6061 | AL-5083 | AL-6061-T6 | AL-6082 | AL-6063 | AL-7075 | Aluminum 7050 | Aluminum 6082

Alloys Steel

Available for integration with various elements to enhance the perfomance. corrosion and temperature resistant
Alloy steel 1.7225 | Alloy Steel 4140 | Alloy steel 1.7131 | Alloy steel 1215

Stainless Steel

Highly durable and stiffness, temperature resistant and outstanding weldability
Stainless Steel 303 | Stainless Steel 304 | Stainless Steel 316 | Stainless Steel 17-4 | Stainless Steel 420 | Stainless Steel 430

Tool Steel

Abrasion resistant, hardness and toughness, wear resistance,.
Tool steel D2 | Tool Steel NAK80 | Tool Steel P20 | Tool steel A3 | Tool Steel S45C | Tool steel S7 | Tool steel H13

Mild steel

High impact strength and tensile strength, excellent ductility and weldability, malleability with cold-forming possibilities
Steel C45| Mild Steel 1018 | Mild steel 1018 | Mild Steel 12L14 | Steel S355J2 | Mild steel A36 | Steel S235JR


Malleability and formability, low friction, excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance
Brass C360


High ductility and conductivity, high heat conductivity, good machinability.
Copper 110 | Copper C101


High strength but low density, corrosion resistance, used for aerospace and medical industries.
Titanium Grade 5 | Titanium Grade 1
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