Conformal Cooling Design
with 3DXpert

Conformal cooling is a working solution with proven benefits for injection molding. In addition to increasing profits by up to 55 percent, 3D Systems customers have reported the following benefits of using conformal cooling:

Conformal Cooling in Injection Molding

The conformal cooling is a new type of mold cooling solution based on the application of metal 3D printing. It takes full use of the 3D printing freedom to make the complex shapes of cooling channel, which give benefit for fitting the part surface. Therefore, conformal cooling can hugely improve the cooling efficiency and mold durability in injection molding process. Furthermore, the conformal cooling mold (core and insert) can greatly optimize the cooling effect, which has been proved to be gain the better quality of injection molding parts.
conformal cooling solution with 3DXpert

Conformal Cooling Design with 3DXpert Software

In the past, the manufacturing of conformal cooling needs to be considered from many aspects such as design, printing process and post-processing, which is time-consuming with manual. Manual design required detailed professional knowledge about the composite process of adding and subtracting manufacturing.
How to shorten this complex job? It is 3DXpert. 3DXpert software provides a complete conformal cooling solution, one-click automatic creation of customized cooling channels, it can shorten up to 50% mold injection molding cycle, reduce warpage and scrap rate, Hugely improve the surface quality of molded parts, and truly help enterprises improve productivity.

Features of 3DXpert in Conformal Cooling Design


Allow Manual Setting

Users use 3DXpert to analysis overhang, distance and cooling distance to ensure that the cooling channel is suitable for 3D printing and injection molding. To improve the cooling efficiency of the water channel, the 3DXpert also supports manual interception to generate a twisted water channel.

Multiple Process settings

Different layer thicknesses and printing powers are available with different Z-axis heights. Using dicker layer thicknesses for parts with less curved surfaces to speed up printing. For the higher strength parts, 3DXpert allows to set the virtual body to ensure the strength requirements.

Spechial Cooling Needs

For the special design of conformal cooling, 3DXpert provides the function of limiting the channels generation area and customizing the channels section to meet fit the aggregate requirements.

Additional Scanning Areas

User can set additional scanning areas for the lower surface of cooling, or the support surface that needs in design but is not suitable for actual metal 3D printing, and then take a proper process during the scanning setting.

Mold Base Setting

Grafting mold printing requires a base which generally contains multiple holes for fixing the base. The base will generally include pre-machined bottoms without curved channels.

Model Data Access

3DXpert offers directly read the CAD model, and directly use the CAD model line segment, surface and other features to quickly draw the cooling channels, including setting the cross-sectional shape and size, or the cross-sectional area to control the flow speed

Why Exzellenc for Your Metal 3D Printing Service

Why Exzellenc for Your Metal 3D Printing Service


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Why Exzellenc for Your Metal 3D Printing Service


Exzellenc's in metal AM team are composed of university professors and professional technicians, from research into industrial applications, accelorate the metal AM industry.
Why Exzellenc for Your Metal 3D Printing Service


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