Metal 3D Printing and
CNC Machining Services

Outstanding solution provider for metal parts manufacturing with metal 3D printing ( SLM/DMLS ) and CNC machining. Exzellenc offers high performance, accurate manufacturing and consistently cost-effective to help our worldwide clients to win the competition.

CNC milling, turning, 5-axis machining services in china
Exzellenc is committed to manufacture the accurate metal parts for our worldwide customers. Our dedicated team and deeply Know-Hows in modern manufacturing technologies, metal additive manufacturing (Metal AM) and cnc machining are the guarantee for successful projects. As a professional manufacturer we mainly focus on the services of metal 3D printing and custom cnc machined parts in wide range industries. whether it is low-volume manufacturing or serie production, Exzellenc will make it best and fast.
high precision cnc components and parts for various industries

Metal 3D Printing Services

With our Kown-Hows of metal 3D additive manufacturing, Exzellenc has become the top supplier of metal 3D printing services. We are innovative and passionative to give our customers the best-in-breed solution to achieve high performance metal components in various industries.
Reliable and stable 3d printing platform with EOS printer is the essential key for comples metal 3D printed parts. Excellent inversted in cutting-edge laser printing system, offers the affordable Metal AM solution to promote the technology of metal 3D printing forward.
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Custom CNC Machining Services

CNC milled and murned parts with wide range of CNC machining capabilities and materials. Tolerence to +/-0.002mm.
Exzellenc is innovative expert team with deeply know-how in CNC milling and CNC Turning. Our modern workshop equips with multi-CNC machines, 3,4-axis and efficient 5-axis to meet the flexible customer needs. We asist our clients to shorten production cycle adapting optimal machining solution.
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metal additive manufacturing services with EOS 3D printer

Metal Additive Manfacturing

With our know-how in metal additive manufacturing and advanced equipments with EOS metal printer, Exzellenc offers best-in-breek solution for high complex metal part manufacturing to reduce the cost and save the time for getting into market.
1. Cost and time saving for low-volume production
2. Achieve the high geometric shape with better performance
3. complete solutions for conformal cooling and dental industry
4. Post-processing are available directly by us
custom cnc machining and post-processing for metal additive manufacturing

CNC machining & Post Processing

High presicion cnc machined parts manufactured by 3-, 4-, 5-axis cnc machines is our advantages, post-processing for metal AM and machined parts is available by different types of surface finishes and heat treatment.
1. No order quantity limit, prototypes and serie production available
2. Flexible capacity and Fast delivery
3. Post-Processing for metal 3D printed parts
4. 100% quantity guarantee and return policy
3D printing focusing on metal additive manufacturing
Metal Additive Manufacturing, the accelerator of the future industry
Metal additive manufacturing, one of most renowed is selective laser melten(SLM), provides unrivalled design freedom and high efficiency. Metal AM gives a new approach to manufacture the metal parts with highly complex shapes, which were fast impossible to be made a few years ago. Now, The rapid development of metal 3d printing and its metal materials will accelerate the industrial fields in nearly future.
Since 2020 Exzellenc invested on SLM technology with research institutes and develop new solutions for industrial uses, particularly in metal printing in tooling industry, using the conformal cooling to create the high performace parts in tooling core and inserts. In additions, we also work with dentist to offer better solution utilizing our SLM metal printing.
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Metal 3D Printing

Low-Volume custom parts

To meed the increasing of customized needs in the market makes the metal 3D printing more and more popular, industries such as high-end bicycle frames, electric auto parts, and special robot parts. 3D Metal additive manufacturing provides a perfect solution, because metal 3D printing process is flexibel and shorter, which improves the efficiency of product development. With the maturity of SLM technology and the reduction of costs, the mass production with metal 3D printing becomes possible in the future.
exzellenc metal 3d printing and cnc machining services
exzellenc metal 3d printing and cnc machining services
high quality cnc machining with various materials

Why Exzellenc as long-term partnership



One-Stop manufacturing for metal parts, focus on cnc manufacturing and 3D metal additive manufacturing.


Working with research institutes and universities to discover marvelous solutions and accelerate the technology.


Quick response to inquiry. Starting production as fast as we can. Ensuring the fastest delivery in 5 to 14 days.


Consistently ensuring the competitive price with first-class quality.


No limits on order size, whether it is one piece or massive quantity.


We are based in Dongguan and Shenzhen, the center of China industry, which means massive networks with other manufacturer nearby. This allow us to offer one-stop manufacturing services with quality control.

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Innovation-driven gives us endless posibilities to change the future of manufacturing.
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